February 2018 Broth Tip

Storing Broth:

During the winter, it is soup making season, we seem to use broth more than the rest of the season.

Broth can be stored in a tightly covered container ( not in the can) for up to 5 days.. At that point, you can bring the broth back to a boil, let it cool, and store it for up to 5 days longer.

Always date the broth container. If using a box of broth, you will put the date that you opened it You can also store the broth in the freezer in a zip lock bag for up to a year. When removing it from the freezer you can drop it on a clean towel on the floor to break it up. Remove the chunks of frozen broth that will equal the amount you need. Re bag the rest of the frozen chunks.

Frozen broth can be melted in the microwave with the frozen chunks in a bowl

The Difference Between Stock & Broth?

Often stocks and broths both start off the same way: scraps of vegetable, meat, and bone are slowly simmered to extract as much flavor as possible. But there is technically a difference between the two.

Stock: Stock always involves bones, though not necessarily meat, and is simmered for a long time to extract their gelatin and flavor. The thick, often-gelatinous nature of stocks is only possible when bones are present. Roasting the bones makes for a richer, more deeply colored stock, but it's not essential to the process.

Broth: Technically speaking, broth is any liquid that has had meat cooked in it. Of course, now broth really is a catch-all for any flavored cooking liquid, including broths made by simmering fish, vegetables, or even legumes. It can, but typically is not made using bones and cooks for a shorter period of time.

Enjoy soup season, while it lasts.

Janice W. Thomas
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